Cutting Machine Operation

(1) Transfer of materials and lower work surface should be kept horizontal cutter, table length can be determined according to the length of the workpiece. (2) Before starting, you should check to make sure no cracks cutter, turret bolt, solid shield. Then rotate the pulley by hand to check the gear meshing clearance, adjust the cutter gap. (3) to start, you should first dry run, check after each transmission parts and bearings in normal operation only after the job. (4) machinery does not meet the normal speed, diesel mix concrete mobile dry stone cement mixer the material can not be cut. When cutting, use the cutter, the lower parts of the alignment edge grip reinforced quickly put, the operator should stand on the side of force to suppress the fixed blade steel, should be reinforced to prevent the end of the pop-up hurt. It is prohibited on both sides of the blade with both hands holding the steel sub-leaning feeding. (5) Do not cut the diameter and strength than steel and red-hot steel mechanical nameplate. Once cut off when a plurality of reinforcement, the total cross-sectional area should be within the specified range. (6) cut low-alloy steel, replace the high hardness cutter, cutting machine plate diameter should be consistent with the provisions. (7) short-cut material, the distance between the hand and the knife should be maintained at 150mm or more, such as when hand side is less than 400mm, should be reinforced short sleeve or jig head pinched or folder in prison. (8) operation, is strictly prohibited by hand directly decapitation and remove debris near the cutter. Rebar cutter swing around and around, can not stay non-operators. (9) When they find machinery not functioning properly, abnormal noise or skew cutter, you should immediately downtime. (10) job, should cut off the power, ready-mix twin shaft concrete mixer js1000 steel brush to remove debris between the cutter, carry out the whole cleaning lubrication. Ago (11) hydraulic drive type cutting machine operation, check that the hydraulic oil and motor rotation direction to meet the requirements. After starting, you should load operation, loose open valve, drain the body of the air cylinder net, before proceeding cut tendons. Front (12) Manual hydraulic cutting machine, oil drain valve should be tightened clockwise, after cutting is completed, it should immediately unscrew counterclockwise. Jobs, steady hand should be cut off the machine, and wear insulated gloves.